Little Rock, Arkansas' Terminal Nation and Tokyo's Kruelty are both bands who fuse hardcore and death metal in fresh, exciting ways, so it's very cool that they've just released a split EP together, The Ruination Of Imperialism, on 20 Buck Spin. It's Terminal Nation's first release since their 2020 debut LP Holocene Extinction, and Kruelty's first since their 2020 debut LP A Dying Truth (not counting their "quarantine EP" with re-recordings and a cover from later that year). The vocalists from each band also appear on each other's songs, with Stan from Terminal Nation appearing on "Under Your Pressure" and Tatami of Kruelty appearing on "Sacrificial Capital." Like both bands' LPs, these are brutally heavy, no-bullshit songs. The production is clear, but studio trickery is nowhere to be found; both bands are just presented in their rawest, gnarliest form. Listen below.

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