Little Rock, Arkansas band Terminal Nation's upcoming album Holocene Extinction is tagged "extreme metallic hardcore" on their label 20 Buck Spin's Bandcamp, and that's the perfect way to put it. Is it hardcore? Death metal? Black metal? Yes and no, but whatever you call it, it fucking rips and and it also comes with a message that really resonates right now.

New song "Master Plan" is "about various American institutions like the prison industrial complex, the police, the use immigration camps, and the like, and how people often refer to them as ‘broken systems,'" vocalist Stan Liszewski tells us. "Many think that these programs have potential to be reformed. I’d disagree with that, to advocate for reform of these institutions implies that they have failed, but they have not failed, these are not ‘broken systems,’ they are functioning exactly how they were intended to. They were made to inflict harm, gain control over, and profit off society’s most vulnerable and marginalized people. This was always their Master Plan."

"Master Plan" is the second single from the album (following the recently released title track) and it makes its premiere in this post. Listen below.

Holocene Extinction drops August 7 via 20 Buck Spin (digital pre-orders at Bandcamp, physical pre-orders going live Friday at the label's webshsop).

Terminal Nation

1. Cognitive Dissonance
2. Arsenic Earth
3. Holocene Extinction
4. Master Plan
5. Revenge
6. Thirst To Burn
7. Orange Bottle Prison
8. Leather Envy
9. Expired Utopia
10. Death For Profit
11. Caskets Of The Poor
12. Disciple Of Deceit
13. Age Of Turmoil

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