Grungy NJ rockers The Black Clouds (not to be confused with DC post-rock band fka Black Clouds who now go by We Were Black Clouds) are releasing their third album, After All, on January 6 via Capacitor Records. The album was produced by Seattle grunge legend Jack Endino and it features vocals from another Seattle grunge legend, Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm, on the song "Vice." "We were really psyched when Mark Arm agreed to sing 'Vice.' He came into the studio like a punk rock tornado and ripped through it in one or two takes. It was incredible," the band tells us. That song premieres in this post, and fans of Mudhoney and other classic Seattle/Sub Pop stuff should check it out.

The Black Clouds also have tour dates coming up, including two in NJ and two in NYC. Full schedule below.

Mark Arm also reunited The Monkeywrench earlier this year, and Mudhoney just gave fans a Christmas gift:

The Black Clouds -- 2016/2017 Tour Dates
Dec 31 The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ), Asbury Park
Jan 14 Fat Baby (New York, NY), New York
Jan 24 Pianos (New York, NY), New York
Jan 27 Brighton Bar (Long Branch, NJ), Long Branch
Mar 18 The 8X10 (Baltimore, MD), Baltimore