The Darling Fire -- the current band fronted by Jolie Lindholm (The Rocking Horse Winner, Dashboard Confessional) alongside members of Further Seems Forever, Shai Hulud, As Friends Rust, Strongarm, and more -- are releasing their sophomore album Distortions this Friday (9/16) via Iodine Recordings (pre-order). While their 2019 debut LP Dark Celebration had some semblance to the members' post-hardcore roots, this new LP dives into heavy shoegaze and sludge metal, with hints of Hum, Failure, Deftones, Jesu, and other lumbering riffers, as Jolie tops things off with a soaring, celestial wail.

Jolie says:

Distortions is a significant departure from our first album--it's heavier, more layered, and with a certain level of experimentation. We were inspired by what was going on around us, and the strangeness of life in general. The writing just naturally went down a much darker path. I can confidently say this is the most authentic performance I've personally released. I challenged myself vocally, and lyrically, stretching my own boundaries. We faced several intense roadblocks along the way, and the guys gave everything to these songs despite all of that.

We went into the studio with a concept of what we wanted to accomplish with Jay Maas, and he helped us bring all of our ideas to fruition. The resulting ten compositions are a blend of the music we love, collectively. The sequencing we chose for the album was also intentional. Introducing existing listeners to the development of our new sound through a deliberate progression was important to us. It's been an agonizing wait for all of these tracks to leave their cave, but one of my personal favorites--a summation of the album as a whole--is the final track, "Legless". It represents the beauty and pain of life; exemplifying the process of creating an album with people I care about, then allowing something so personal to be listened to and interpreted by strangers.

The album's not officially out for a couple days, but you can hear an early stream right here:

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