Musically, King's Mouth is very Soft Bulletin / Yoshimi --you know, orchestral space rock psych flower power pop. There may not be anything on here as immediate or as amazing as "Race for the Prize," "Waitin' for a Superman," "Buggin'" or "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate," but this album is a real grower and has stayed in my thoughts. The only song digitally released so far, "All for the Life of the City," which falls right in the middle of the story -- "The King saves the day...but the King dies today" -- is the album's most immediate, but it's the song it segues into, "Feedaloodum Beedle Dot," that comes closest to The Soft Bulletin's big drum orch-rock sound. It's more of a coda than it's own complete song, though, and King's Mouth is all kinda like that, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

We reviewed The Flaming Lips' new album King's Mouth back when it got its vinyl-only release on Record Store Day (that's an excerpt above), and now the whole thing is on streaming services. Listen below, and read our full review here.

The Flaming Lips are also touring with The Claypool Lennon Delirium and playing Asbury Park's Stone Pony Summer Stage (7/28) and Port Chester's Capitol Theatre (7/30) this month. They're also playing Desert Daze.

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