As mentioned, Michael Cantor's indie/punk project The Goodbye Party is back for its first album since 2014's Silver Blues (Salinas Records), Beautiful Motors, which comes out October 9 via Double Double Whammy (pre-order). Michael made this one with the impressive cast of Maryn Jones (Yowler, All Dogs), Sam Cook-Parrott (Radiator Hospital), and Joey Doubek (Pinkwash), and it was produced by Kyle Gilbride of Swearin', and as you'd expect from a lineup like that, it's shaping up to be a very strong indie rock record.

First single "Unlucky Stars" was a dose of driving indie-punk, but second single "December Boys" was a little lighter and janglier and new single "No Reason" is even more so. It's a gentle, breezy song that nails a balance between warm, summery melodies and autumnal melancholy -- the perfect kind of song to drop on the first official day of fall.

"This song deals with a couple of themes," Michael tells us. "One is how people you no longer keep in your life can show up in some of your favorite memories. It’s also about the experience of passing through the same place across different tours and seeing decay creep along, seeing cascading effects from hurricanes, and recognizing that slow change in yourself. My friend Emi Knight from Strawberry Runners sings on this song. She, along with a handful of local songwriters, held monthly salons where we would demo and critique each other’s songs. Having that space helped me focus, write, and rewrite songs for this record."


1. Falling
2. Unlucky Stars
3. No Reason
4. Storms
5. Trouble
6. End of the Line
7. December Boys
8. Rust
9. Lost
10. Voice Like A Harp
11. Snow

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