Last year, The Goodbye Party released Beautiful Motors, which was their first album in six years, and now they're following it with a 20-minute project called Stray Sparks. It's a collage of ambient sketches and traditional songs, which were written in workshops led by Big Thief's Buck Meek and Lomelda's Hannah Read, and it's a much different type of project than The Goodbye Party's usual indie-punk. It's also a very cool, unique project and I recommend giving it a listen.

"I assembled the tape over a two-week period this summer. Without any plan, I started recording and blending voice memos from the past year into new songs and sounds," main member Michael Cantor tells us. "Many of these songs were written in workshops led by Buck Meek and Hannah Read, including 'Plain Sight,' 'Magnolia,' and 'Sparrow.' I just wanted to make something new, quickly, for myself, with no expectation of what it would become."

Limited edition cassettes will be available to order from Double Double Whammy shortly, and a full stream of Stray Sparks premieres below.

The Goodbye Party also covers a Quarterbacks song on the upcoming Double Double Whammy 10th anniversary compilation.