The Menzingers have a great sound and they remain great at what they do, but if there's one criticism of their music that you see a lot, it's that they have a formula and rarely stray from it. It's not unusual in punk to achieve longevity by sticking to the same sound, but still, it never hurts to shake things up, which is why From Exile -- an Americana-style reimagining of 2019's Hello Exile -- is not only better than your average "acoustic version," but perhaps better than the original album. It incorporates fiddles, bluesy harmonica, piano, and more, and the songs are so drastically reworked that you may actually forget The Menzingers have already released versions of all 12 of these songs. It's not "stripped down"; it's the most musically ambitious album the band have ever done, and if you were thinking about skipping it because the songs technically aren't "new," you should think again. Listen to the whole album below.

The Menzingers were also just announced for 2021's 2000trees festival alongside Jimmy Eat World, Laura Jane Grace, The Get Up Kids, Anti-Flag, Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion, and more (fingers crossed that it happens!!), and they're doing their first-ever full-band livestream on October 10 at 9 PM ET. That's part of Will Yip's Live At Studio 4 series, and tickets are on sale now.


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