The Mountain Goats recently put out the Welcome to Passaic 7" with "Passaic 1975" from their new album In League With Dragons on the A-side and the awesomely-titled "Get High and Listen to The Cure" -- an unreleased song from the sessions for 2017's Goths -- on the flip. Those who purchased the 7" (or listened to the online rip of it that floated around) have heard the B-side, but for the rest of us, it's now here to stream (legally) online. Here's what John Darnielle says about it:

[Mountain Goats bassist] Peter Hughes, on hearing “Get High and Listen to the Cure”—written for Goths, attempted in the studio sessions in versions that lacked the snap of this demo—felt certain this was the song that would make us a household name. I’m fond of the song, though I don’t share his conviction that it’s the Mountain Goats song the whole world has been waiting to hear. Should this release prove Peter right, I will be quite content to concede the point.

Listen to "Get High and Listen to The Cure" below.

The Mountain Goats have some upcoming tour dates, all of which are listed here.

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