The great doom-folk band SubRosa are no more, but four of the members have continued on with likeminded band The Otolith, whose anticipated debut abum Folium Limina comes out October 21 via Blues Funeral Recordings (pre-order). They recently released lead single "Sing No Coda," and we're now premiering second single "Hubris." It's a 10-minute trek through somber, violin-fueled passages, ten-ton doom riffs, soaring clean vocals and guttural screams. The Otolith are masters at the quiet, pretty parts as well as the heavy ones, and that all comes across on this stunning song. Sarah says:

"Hubris" is a lovely example of a piece of music inspiring a lyrical story. Back in 2019, [violinist] Kim [Cordray] wrote the riff that we built this song around. It's the riff that kicks in around 7:03. For whatever reason, when I listened to it, it showed me an avenue of expression for a deeply rooted anger. It's an anger toward an enemy that hides its identity, and worst case scenario, that enemy is yourself. It is the enemy that tries to keep you fearful. Fearful of losing what you have, fearful of death, and worst of all, fearful of taking the risks necessary to grow. "Hubris" became our way to scream in the face of that enemy and banish it. Giving in to fear turns us into slaves, never able to get off of the hamster wheel. Instead we want to climb to the top of some metaphorical cliff and finally be free, to have a heart light enough to pass the Egyptian test of the scales. To stop fearing death long enough to live.

Check out the new song below...

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