Buffalo's The Queen Guillotined call themselves "real deathcore," and they're not the only up and coming band who have fond memories of the Myspace-assisted deathcore era and proudly wave that flag today. If you share The Queen Guillotined's fondness for that stuff, you should definitely listen to their new EP Nothing Will Get Us to Heaven and maybe you already have, but even if you think you don't care about this oft-maligned style of music, I recommend going into this with an open mind.

If you were getting into heavy music in the late 2000s, there's a very good chance deathcore bands like Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, and Chelsea Grin helped expose you to it, and now that those kids are starting their own bands, it makes a lot of sense that this sound is coming back and getting new life breathed into it. To quote fellow deathcore-inspired band Hazing Over, "We're doing the stuff that screamo bands our age used to be into. As time goes on, people are being less ashamed of liking the music that came out when they were [younger], stuff that came out like ten years ago. When that stuff came out, people were shitting on it. People despised it. And to this day, that is some of the heaviest fucking shit."

The Queen Guillotined's new EP is also some of the heaviest fucking shit you'll hear today, and it doesn't just sound like nostalgia for the Myspace era. This band took that sound, made it their own, and pushed it in all kinds of exciting new directions. Hear it for yourself below. It's out today via Wretched Records/Paper Wings.


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