The Sad Tomorrows is a new band featuring Jeff Schroeck (The Ergs!, Black Wine), Mike Hunchback (Hunchback, Black Wine), J Nixon (Hunchback, Nervous Triggers), and Brian Gorsegner (Night Birds), and they just released their self-titled debut EP on Don Giovanni. It was recorded by Chris Pierce (Doc Hopper, Deadguy, Mikey Erg's band, etc) and mastered by Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton, and to quote the band's bio, it takes influence from "bands like the Lemonheads, Big Drill Car, Sebadoh, indie-era Goo Goo Dolls and Soul Asylum… artists that bridged the gap between Hüsker Dü’s angsty post-hardcore pop and the more polished and anthemic music of the 90s alternative rock boom." You can definitely hear all of that coming through in this short but sweet EP, which you can stream below...


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