Two veteran ska-punk bands, Detroit's The Suicide Machines and Tokyo's Coquettish, are gearing up to release their split LP Gebo Gomi next week (7/22) via Bad Time Records, and we're now premiering a third track from the split, The Suicide Machines' "Slipping Into Darkness." This one tones down TSM's ska side in favor of a hardcore punk ripper, and it finds the oft-political band sounding as powerful and pissed-off as ever. Here's what vocalist Jason Navarro tells us about it:

So most won’t know, this song is a nod to the band WAR. "Slippin' Into Darkness" is my favorite song from them. Theres is about going insane... mine is about not letting the the desensitization of human failure make you detached. In the lyric I talk about "kids getting gunned down caught on camera" and me having no real reaction to it anymore. I think the whole world is in this same frame of mind. We expect these horrible things to happen yet we change nothing to stop it. Accept it, become cold, or go crazy.

Check it out below.

Previously, TSM released "Awake" and Coquettish released "Falling Down" and you can stream those tracks below too. It's The Suicide Machines' first release since their excellent 2020 comeback album Revolution Spring, and it's Coquettish's first release in seven years and their first US release since their stint on Asian Man Records in the early/mid 2000s. Pick up a vinyl copy here.

The Suicide Machines also have a few upcoming US shows, including two with Anti-Flag (9/30 at Black Cat in DC alongside Catbite and Celebration Summer and 11/4 at Metro in Chicago alongside We Are The Union, Gully Boys, and Blind Adam and The Federal League), and The Fest in Gainesville.

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