by Fred Pessaro


Epic black metal band Summoning are readying their new LP, Old Mornings Dawn, for release on Napalm Records on June 7. The Tolkien-obsessees have delivered a good 'un as Kim Kelly tells it:

Their comeback (of sorts) album, Old Mornings Dawn is everything one might hope for it to be, and then some. All the crucial hallmarks are there, from the gleefully over-the-top keyboards, echoing programmed drums, and wild, fanciful latter-day Bathory melodies to the raspy croaks and robust Viking choirs singing to halls up high. The songs are catchy and rousing, all sword-rattling bravado and grandiose keys, and the songwriting harkens back to their earliest, strongest recordings. The Austrian Black Metal Syndicate have returned!

Order yours via the label,  read all of our assessment of the record at InvisibleOranges, and stream the title track below.


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