The Wonder Years' sixth album Sister Cities comes out this Friday (4/6) via Hopeless, and it's a noticeable step forward for the band. It's got the heaviest music of their career and also the softest, and the lyrics address some serious topics. Here's what singer Dan Campbell told Independent about opening song "Raining In Kyoto," the heaviest song the band has ever written:

There’s a song on the album called ‘Raining in Kyoto’ where I’m talking about my Grandfather passing away as I board a flight to Japan and then having to miss the funeral because we’re touring. For us, that translated as a dark tense, pounding verse to match the rainstorm that we were standing in, so the rhythm of the song is pulsing behind you the whole time and building in intensity to mirror that image.

We have a longer review of the album coming later this week, but meanwhile, you can read more of Dan Campbell's album commentary here and stream the album in full below.

As mentioned, the band is touring with Tigers Jaw, Tiny Moving Parts and Worriers, and that amazing quadruple bill hits NYC's Playstation Theater on May 5 (tickets) and Asbury Park's House of Independents on May 6 (sold out).

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