Winnipeg trio Throne Torcher have been around for almost a decade (they used to be called Terrorist, but according to their bio, that was "changed after cops tried to raid the band’s apartment when their merch order was sent to 'TERRORIST HQ'"), and they make genre-defying music that manages to be both experimental and accessible, while also remaining furiously heavy. Their upcoming album The Mechanics of a Nightmare fuses elements of sludge, thrash, post-rock, noise, prog, hardcore, and more, and the whole thing is a totally wild ride. The band says:

Start with the premise that the world is totally fucked and there's nothing you can do about it. Then what? The Mechanics Of A Nightmare, thematically, probes the depths of despair, decadence and self destruction. The record and the accompanying film explores the character failings of those who buckled under the insane pressures of the modern world in the context of a surrealist night terror.

We wanted the album to invoke the feeling of absolutely losing your shit. Have you ever just fliped the fuck out? Then you know the mania and the exhaustion. If you haven't then jam this in your ear holes and live vicariously through our bad feelings.

The album comes out later this week (pre-order), but we're premiering a full stream right now. Listen and watch the accompanying 18-minute horror short film below.