Long-running Austin instrumental stoner rock trio Tia Carrera are releasing their new album Tried And True on June 12 via Small Stone (pre-order), and as you can hear on the recently released lead single/opening track "Layback," their groovy, leaf-sweetening riffs are as tasty as ever. We're premiering the second track, "Taos," which shows off a much different side of them.

"We generally like to put at least one totally improvised jam on our records so here it is," says guitarist Jason Morales. "This one was completely ad libbed from start to finish. We needed a jam to fill the rest of the tape with so we decided to jam in the key of.....I can’t remember....but it was one that we never had jammed on before. The end of the jam is basically the tape running out. The result was dark and heavy. Enjoy!"

"Taos" is indeed extremely off-the-cuff sounding. It finds the band floating way out in jam/acid rock territory, and it's the kind of song that can really take you there, even without any added enhancements. Turn on, tune in, and drop out below.

1. Layback
2. Taos
3. Swingin’ Wing
4. Zen And The Art Of The Thunderstorm
5. Tried And True
6. Visitors*
7. Early Purple*

* CD Only Bonus Tracks

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