Tierra Whack has released countless singles since putting out her instant-classic 2018 debut project Whack World, and now she's put out the three-song Rap? EP, which is technically her first project since Whack World that's more than just one single at a time. It includes "Stand Up" (which also comes with a video), "Meagan Good," and "Millions."

All three songs are different and great in their own ways: "Stand Up" is the kind of bouncy art-rap that nobody does like Tierra Whack, while "Meagan Good" is much more pensive and introspective and "Millions" finds Tierra rapping over the kind of triumphant, soul sample-infused production that dominated rap in the early 2000s. Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about "Stand Up," Tierra said:

So I've seen the most recent Joker, the movie, about five times, it's like one of my favorite movies. I watched it once just by myself when it first came out and then I had a conversation with Jay-Z and he was like, "Yo, you're the joker of the game." And I'm like, "What does that mean?" And he's like, "You come off happy but there's a dark side." And honestly it stuck with me. And I'm just like, you know what? That's exactly who I am. I'm the joker, I'm the wild card. So yeah, I needed a record to make me feel badass, and that's what Stand Up is.

We've been blessed to get a few opportunities, plenty, honestly plenty, we have so many calls and emails coming in all the time, just for movies and soundtracks. So I'm just always trying to make music for movies. So, scenes, like I can see this playing at the. From the production with my producer J Melodic and then the lyrics, on my behalf. Just always just trying, I want to hear and see my music in a movie. So yeah, definitely. I can play the joker, I can play that movie on mute and then just play Stand Up and be like, oh yeah, this feels right.

Stream the whole EP and watch the "Stand Up" video below.

Tierra also has a new Vans collection dropping Friday (12/3) and she plays Brooklyn TONIGHT (12/2) at Elsewhere Hall (sold out but you can join the waiting list).

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