Not only did Justine Jones and other Employed To Serve/Renounced members release a killer EP with their new punk side project Glorious this year, but Employed To Serve just finally dropped new music, their first since 2019's great Eternal Forward Motion. It's a two-song single with the entirely new song "Party's Over" (which comes with a Zak Pinchin-directed video) and a new version of "Harsh Truth" from Eternal Forward Motion, now featuring guest vocals by Stray From The Path's Drew Dijorio. The new song puts a slight industrial twist on the band's usual metallic, melodic hardcore sound, and the new version of "Harsh Truth" kinda does too.

"'Party’s Over' is about the fast decay of the unsustainable world we live in, Justine says. "Frustratingly, despite our best efforts, the quest for a sustainable way of living feels hopeless due to what humanity deems a birth right rather than a luxury. What we think we need in order to live just does not seem compatible with our eco system, making me feel like we’re aliens that have taken the planet hostage."


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