We highlighted UK ska-punks Call Me Malcolm as a newer band to check out in our recent 12 classic ska-punk albums to prepare you for the impending ska-punk revival feature, and since then, they released their new album (and Wiretap Records debut) Me, Myself and Something Else. Like its 2018 predecessor I Was Broken When You Got Here, it features voiceovers from actors (Elisabeth Hopper [Black Mirror, Doctor Who], who was also on the last album, and James Northcote [The Last Kingdom, The Imitation Game]), and it finds Call Me Malcolm churning out fun, catchy, horn-fueled ska-punk in the vein of Less Than Jake (whose Vinnie Fiorello is a fan), Catch 22, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And though the music may sound upbeat, the lyrical content is anything but. As the band details in the track-by-track commentary they gave to The Alt Block, Me, Myself and Something Else finds the band tackling mental health issues, the negative 24-hour news cycle, flawed government institutions, and other heavy topics.

The band do a fine job juxtaposing the darkness of the lyrics with the lightness of the music, and they breathe new life into the ska-punk genre in the process. Stream the album and watch two videos below.

Good Morning
Wake Up, The Monster Said
What You Burn
I Bet They're Asleep In New York
Last One Standing Loses
Also, Spiders
A Beginner s Guide To Fighting A Losing Battle
Breaking News
-24 Months Only-
I Met All The Beasts In Your Thoughts
Please Still Try
I Am A Disaster Movie
Sleepwalk With Me