Rochester death metallers Undeath stirred up buzz with their 2019 demo and Sentient Autolysis EP, which caused them to catch the attention of Prosthetic Records (who signed them for the release of their debut album Lesions Of A Different Kind) and The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad (who guests on the album's title track). Late '80s / early '90s style death metal continues to make a big comeback, and while some recent bands have pulled the genre towards prog or psych or punk, Undeath take a more direct, no-frills approach. "We didn’t set out to be the heaviest band or the loudest band or the most 'evil' and 'mysterious' band," vocalist Alex Jones recently told Invisible Oranges. "We just want to write great death metal songs that get stuck in your head." It's easy to see why they're quickly catching on; Lesions Of A Different Kind is a pulverizing, relentless record, and if you like anything from classics like Cannibal Corpse and Carcass to new bands like Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation, this is very worth checking out.

The album is out today on Prosthetic (order yours, or pick it up on cassette via Maggot Stomp), and along with the release, we're premiering the video for "Entranced by the Pendulum." Alex says:

We drove over to Columbus, Ohio from Rochester to shoot this video with Josh Nunn, who we found out about through the killer video he shot for Incantation's "Fury's Manifesto". We hit him up on a whim, not really expecting him to respond, but thankfully he hit us right back to say he was down. The whole production was nuts, with fake blood everywhere and a giant swinging pendulum Josh and his team had rigged from the ceiling. Our friends and local Ohio boys Sanguisugabogg also came out and chilled with us from basically the moment we got there, so there was also a good amount of partying going on the whole time. I'm amazed we were able to get it all done, but the almighty power of the riff saw us through. Hope y'all enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed filming it!

And about the album overall, he adds:

We're so stoked that ‘Lesions of a Different Kind’ is finally out in the world for everyone to hear. We put so much time, sweat and care into making sure this thing is nothing short of a badass, skull crushing death metal record from top to bottom, and we strongly believe that the final product reflects that and then some. Thank you so much to the fine folks at Prosthetic and Maggot Stomp for believing in us and helping to make this album a reality, as well as to all of the fans and fantastic new death metal bands who keep us motivated and inspired every day. Hopefully things return some sort of relative normalcy sooner rather than later and we can come to your city and play these songs live for you, but in the meantime...turn this shit on, crank the volume up and bang your fucking heads! Cheers!

Watch the video and stream the album below. Undeath are also playing a livestreamed release show tonight (10/23) at 8 PM ET from Songbyrd in DC (tickets).


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