A Mourning Star are a Vancouver metalcore band on the rise, and from their primitive artwork to their raw production to the songs themselves, their debut EP To See Your Beauty Fade feels like a trip back to the late '90s/early 2000s. "I think that late '90s/early '00s metalcore interests me in particular because it's the most authentic presentation of the genre before it was fully commercialized," bassist Tyler Pearson told No Echo, where a full stream of the EP just premiered. "My big influences, musically speaking also originate in metal and late '90s hardcore. With that style of metalcore the 'metal' influence is distinct, and the 'hardcore' ethos are present. With modern metalcore those elements seem to be less important."

The EP officially comes out on Thursday (3/17) via The Coming Strife, but until then you can hear the whole thing HERE and listen to one track below.

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