Earlier this year, Upstate New York's Walking Bombs (aka Morgan Y. Evans) released a collaborative album with Gridfailure featuring members of Kylesa, Tad, All Out War, and more. Now, Walking Bombs is gearing up for another new album, Sphinges, Sibling Selves And Queens, due August 23 via Nefarious Industries (pre-order), which also features Gridfailure plus a handful of other musicians:

The record was engineered, mixed, and mastered by producer Jay Andersen (Surmiser) who performs guitars, drums, and keyboards. The record also features guest performances from Dava She Wolf (Star & Dagger, Cycle Sluts From Hell), Alison Babylon (The Beautiful Bastards, Oblivion Grin), Elizabeth “Le Fey" Gomez (Globelamp), Jem Violet, Nate Kelley (Shabutie/Coheed & Cambria, Laterals, PPSP), David Brenner (Gridfailure), Kentro, and Justin Pierrot (Stormland), and is completed with cover art by Julie Catona (Future Illustrations).

We're premiering "Observation Deck / Sphinges, Sibling Selves And Queens," which features Nate Kelley (who, as mentioned above, was in Coheed & Cambria back when they were called Shabutie), and it's a nearly eight-minute song that pulls sounds from the past three decades of post-hardcore. Morgan says:

I had the heavy end riff written and all the lyrics but nothing else and my dear friend Nate Kelley of Laterals -mostly known for his "Delerium Trigger" and "33" contributions on drums on Coheed and Cambria's The Second Stage Turbine Blade debut- came to the studio and helped arrange the rest of it. Nate crushed beers and then played all the instruments, a juggernaut. We share love for bands like Hum and Deftones so I trusted him 100 percent.

I identify as multi-gender at this point, after a lot of research, therapy and trans groups and not feeling quite like what other people were discussing wrapped up my experiences similarly in a bow. This tune really is about feeling ok venting the anger at having to constantly justify to others that you don't process things the same way. I did the long screamed heavy ending section in one take, it was like my Korn "Daddy" moment. I hope deeply this song can help non binary people navigate their journey, just as I have taken inspiration from seeing the visibility of gender non-conformist creatives like Vile Creature, Joshua M. Ferguson or Richard O'Brien, to name a few.

Listen below...

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