The Walkmen's Walter Martin is releasing his new solo album The World At Night later this month (January 31 via Ile Flottante Music), and as mentioned, it's a tribute to his former Jonathan Fire*Eater bandmate Stewart Lupton, who sadly passed away in 2018 (just as Jonathan Fire*Eater started getting their overdue reappraisal). We're premiering a new track from that album, "First Thing I Remember," and here's what Walter says about this one:

"First Thing I Remember" is designed to be listened to really loud in a car. It’s not a story song like most of my songs—it’s more about the rhythm and the feel and the sonics. Produced by mastermind Josh Kaufman, it was mostly recorded by my old friend, Jonathan Fire*Eater/Walkmen drummer, Matt Barrick at his killer new studio in Philadelphia. I like to think of the song as a drum duel between two of my favorite drummers: Matt Barrick on drum kit vs. Ray Rizzo on congas. Not sure who wins.

It is indeed a very rhythmic, percussion-fueled song, though don't let the "loud in a car" comment fool you into thinking this is anything like "The Rat." It's actually a pretty tender song, and it sounds great sitting at home wearing headphones too. Whatever speaker system you end up choosing, we recommend giving this one a listen and you can do so right here:

Pre-orders for the album are up at Walter's webstore.

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