Salt Lake City's Worlds Worst debuted last year with a four-song EP and now they're gearing up to release their second EP, EP2 -- which was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor) -- on June 25 via Open Door Records (pre-order). They recently released lead single "Balloons," and we're now premiering second single "Twins," both of which exist somewhere in between post-hardcore, emo, grunge, and shoegaze. A lot of bands occupy that space, but Worlds Worst do it in a way that stands out from the pack.

"We wrote and recorded this song during the pandemic which had forced me into working a shitty job," they say of "Twins." "I was surrounded by miserable people and I was feeling miserable myself. 'Twins' is all about these frustrations - it’s the song you listen to on the way home from the job you hate. This song is probably my favorite on the tape and I’m excited to have it out!"

Check out both singles below...

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