Following the dissolution of West Virginia metalcore band False Accusations, three of the four members (James Becca, Zac Clevenger and David Wallace) are now launching their new band, fallfiftyfeet. Their debut single is "Parting Gift," which was recorded and mixed by TWIABP's Chris Teti and END/ex-Misery Signals' Greg Thomas. It's a bone-crushing metalcore song with hints of mathcore chaos and flashes of a more melodic post-hardcore side. It's crisp and accessible but still heavy as fuck, and it comes with a very cool looking video (shot by Chris West, edited by Stone Fenk and Julian Dinowitz).

"'Parting Gift' was written with the trials and tribulations of a strained relationship in mind," the band says. "It's about someone you thought you could count on giving up when the going gets tough. When all of the memories you associate with this person, good or bad, are forever tainted by their actions. Most importantly, it's about the realization that you were better off without them all along."

Check it out below...

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