Chicago lo-fi screamo band Your Arms Are My Cocoon's split with Pictures of June, Floral Patterns, and Lights Strung Like Stars was one of our favorite punk EPs/splits of 2021, so we're excited to learn that they've just put out another split, Our Little Trains, this time with Colombia's Basuraastillada and Japan's That Same Street. YAAMC's screamo/bedroom pop fusion sounds as unique as ever on their contribution, "5 Seconds Before the Explosion," and the other two bands' contributions fit with it perfectly. Basuraastillada's song "Herpes" fuses harshly shrieked screamo with elements of mathy Midwest emo and brightly melodic post-rock, while That Same Street's song "65535" puts almost a twee pop twist on the genre. Listen to the whole thing below.

Your Arms Are My Cocoon also have upcoming shows with Short Fictions.


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