Your Spirit Dies is a new South Carolina metalcore band featuring Remembrance's Brandon Byars, Soul Press' Mike Fuller and Keagan McChesney, and Hopesick's Tyler Dorman and Matt Kucek. They just released their debut EP The Process of Grief digitally and on cassette (via Wretched Records) last week, and played their first-ever live show at SC's New Brookland Tavern last night (1/26) opening for Magnitude and SECT.

It's no surprise that Your Spirit Dies are already stirring up some buzz due to their members' past bands, but The Process of Grief doesn't sound quite like anything these guys have done in previous projects. They're tapping into that moment in metalcore circa 1999, where bands were starting to embrace better production and a slightly more melodic side, but still staying true to the genre's hardcore roots and not going as full-on melodic as some of the genre's soon-to-be-very-popular bands would go just a year or three later. Across these five songs, Your Spirit Dies also dabble in sweeping post-metal, screamo-style spoken word, and more. They've got as many dissonant fret workouts and bone-crushing breakdowns as they do genuinely gorgeous melodies and atmosphere. If you're stoked that Poison the Well are playing The Opposite of December this year and you want a new band that carries that torch, you just might luck out with Your Spirit Dies.

The EP is getting a 10" vinyl release via Blasphemour Records soon, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, stream it below...

Your Spirit Dies Process Grief

1. Distorted by Absence
2. Bound to Nothing
3. A Prayer for Reprieve
4. Gethsemane
5. Effigy of Failure

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