New Zealand singer-songwriter Emily Edrosa, who you may remember from her band Street Chant, will release new solo album Another Wave Is Coming this Friday (11/20) via Park the Van. Living in Los Angeles these days, Emily made the album in her home studio and it was mixed by legendary indie rock engineer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth).

The final pre-release single for the album is "She Agreed," a true life story about her high school girlfriend whose conservative parents forced them to break up. “This song is based on a true story," Emily tells us. "It was easy to write without having to walk the metaphor line. I love this song a lot, especially the bit where I get to say the S word. Once I played this song live and the person it is about was in the audience and afterwards tried to pash me. And that's why I am a musician."

The video for "She Agreed" was directed by co-directed Emily Kempf of Dehd and Ryan Hart and depicts a breakup of another sort. "I was falling asleep one night and in a flash the entire video came to my mind," says Kempf. "The story I saw was two women in an impossible argument while driving down a lone road. This quarrel would end violently in one hitting the other with the car. I wanted it to be shot in slow motion and in reverse, to show all the delicacies of emotion on the women's faces and in their body language. I wanted to show the sadness, the anger and rage that comes from love betrayed, a love reversed." Exquisitely shot and art directed, the video makes its premiere in this post.

Watch the video, and listen to a few other songs off of Another Wave is Coming, below.

1. She Agreed
3. Drinking During the Day
4. When Our Brains Betray Us
5. A New Career
6. What’s Love Got to do with the Price of Fish
7. Springtime’s Stranger in a Strange Place
8. Wade Thru
9. Lesbian Pope
10. Action
11. Hollywood Dream Trip