Sturle Dagsland is a Norwegian art pop musician whose is music is glistening and ambient at times, and loud and abrasive at others, and it's all fueled by his jagged, soaring vocals that bring to mind powerhouses like Jonsi and Bjork. He's set to follow over half a decade of singles with his first full-length album on February 5. It's self-titled, and Sturle made it with his brother Sjur, using an array of eclectic instruments, including (to quote the press release) "everything from a guzheng (a Chinese plucked instrument) to a mbira (Zimbabwe finger harp), a custom-made Norwegian billy goat horn, Armenian duduk, autoharp, African kalimba, marxophone (fretless zither) and nyckelharpa (Swedish fiddle used on the track after the same name)." He has just released its fourth single, "Dreaming," which is one of the album's most purely gorgeous singles yet.

"The first idea of 'Dreaming' came to life during a stay at a lighthouse on a sparsely populated island in the North Sea," Sturle says. "While composing the first draft of "Dreaming" we experimented with a combination of different orchestral instruments in the brass, woodwind, and string family in tandem with South American flutes, soft acoustic guitars, and an underlying atmospheric soundscape. It transitions and drifts between folk music and submersed choirs drained in reverb and tranquility."

Listen to the new song and the three previous singles below. Sturle is planning to tour Europe with psychedelic black metallers Oranssi Pazuzu this spring (if tours are back by then), and for an idea of what to expect from his live show, watch an intense live video below too.

1. Kusanagi
2. Harajuku
3. Blot
4. Tales of Mist
5. Waif
6. Nyckelharpa
7. Hulter Smulter
8. Frenzy
9. Wandering Minstrel
10. Dreaming
11. Noaidi

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