The Daily Californian reviews Sufjan and Joanna Newswom at The Great American.

Soundburner reviews Joanna Newsom in London.

Watch the Joanna Newsom video for "Sprout and Bean."

"The Golden Apples of the Sun," the limited edition 20-track compilation of contemporary new folk music curated by Devendra Banhart and released by Arthur's Bastet imprint, recently sold out of its initial pressing of 1,000 copies. A second pressing of 1,000 copies will be available starting from September 1, 2004. (Yes, second edition copies will be marked as such.) You can place an order for this CD, that features Joanna Newsom, White Magic, Vetiver, Hope Sandoval, Iron & Wine, and Antony, now.

Read an interview with Vetiver on Free Williamsburg.

Download Vetiver MP3s at Midheaven Mailorder.

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