Sufjan Stevens

Tickets for the NYC shows on Sufjan Steven's upcoming tour with Cryptacize go on sale this Saturday (August 15th) at 10am...

10-04: New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom (tix)
10-05: New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom (tix)
10-06: Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (tix)
10-07: Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (tix)

Also there's the BQE screenings coming up, which just added an extra showing.

Speaking sof Sufjan Stevens, Shannon Stephens, an Asthmatic Kitty labelmate of his, has a new album, The Breadwinner, coming out September 8th. It'll be her first in nearly 10 years. Sufjan played drums on her album that came out in 2000. He also interviewed her that same year...

Sufjan Stevens: This is a business question. Do you acknowledge any sort of christian market, or is that bunk? Would you be willing to participate in the christian market?

Shannon Stephens: Honestly, I feel that the christian music market was created out of a need for safety by separation. People wanted to know that the music they were listening to would not contaminate their souls or the souls of their children. The truth is that we are not contaminated by our culture, but by our own hearts. I do think it's important to feed the fire as little as possible, but shutting out the world and creating a safe subculture is not what Christ commanded us to do. Rather than making absolute judgments about christian bands or labels, I try to take them on an individual basis. Sometimes people ask me if I play "christian music"--I don't even know what to say. I'm a Christian, and I play music, but is it all praise and worship? No. I feel more comfortable outside of the box, where things are more dangerous and oftentimes more real.

"In Summer in the Heat" from Shannon's new record, is above. Tracklist and album art are below.

Cryptacize recently recorded a live session that was just posted as a free download and video on Luxury Wafers. Grab that here

Another band on Asthmatic Kitty, Fol Chen, recently put out a free remixes EP, The Longer U Wait, with contributions from "Liars, Simone White, Epstein AKA Roberto Lange, Rafter and more!" That's linked above, with art, tracklist and tour dates below...

Shannon Stephens
1. More To Speak Of
2. Hard Times Are Coming
3. The One Who Sees Me
4. In Summer in the Heat
5. Come To My Table
6. The Most Delicious Hours
7. Song of the Breadwinner
8. The Dream
9. Poor Man's Part
10. Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You

Fol Chen
1. The Longer U Wait (ft. Simone White)
2. The Believers (Clifford Lidell remix)
3. The Believers (Epstein remix ft. Zane One)
4. Cable TV (Liars remix)
5. Cable TV (T.H. White Mix)
6. No Wedding Cake (Rafter remix)
7. No Wedding Cake (Dublab Remix by Matthew David)
8. Please, John, You're Killing Me (Julian Wass remix)
9. Insecurities - by Junior Vasquez ft. Maxi J (Fol Chen remix)
10. It Hurts Me All the Time - by Faunts (Fol Chen remix)
11. For Halloween - by No Kids (Fol Chen remix)
12. Cocktails at Shadeland

Fol Chen - 2009 Tour Dates
Aug 14 Echoplex Los Angeles
Sep 05 Indie Disco / Effenaar Eindhoven
Sep 07 Buffalo Bar Cardiff
Sep 08 The New Adelphi Hull
Sep 09 The Well Leeds
Sep 10 Nice n Sleazys Glasgow
Sep 11 Islington Mill Manchester / Salford
Sep 12 Proud Galleries London
Sep 15 La Maroquinerie Paris
Sep 16 Paradiso Amsterdam
Sep 17 Rotown Rotterdam
Sep 18 Ekko Utrecht
Sep 19 Het Noord Ontspoort festival Antwerp
Sep 20 Incubate Festival Tillburg
Sep 21 Cafe Video Ghent
Sep 22 Deep Inside Dijon
Sep 23 Pole Etudiant Nantes
Sep 24 L'Ubu Rennes

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