DISRUPT (series) at National Sawdust is about artist + audience taking risk, causing reactions, triggering emotion, and finding the present together. The first show of the series will feature a collaboration of Jan St. Werner, Sufjan Stevens, Kid Millions and Benjamin Lanz with special guests...

[The musicians] have played together in various configurations, bands, projects and one-offs, but never as all four. This quartet, along with some special guests, will enjoy improvised moments of togetherness, communicating devices, turning knobs, mashing buttons, stomping boxes and dragging horns around a skyscrapered room.

National Sawdust debuted its collaborative, improvisational DISRUPT seres on Saturday (2/18), and this first edition featured Sufjan Stevens, Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars), Kid Millions (Oneida, Man Forever) and Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National, LNZNDRF), along with a few other musicians. It was an hour of free jazz-like noise with no songs, per se, just the musicians feeding off each other. Pictures from the night are in the gallery above.


photos by P Squared