Lamentations, the second volume of Sufjan Stevens' five-volume ambient album Convocations, is out on Thursday (4/15) and he's shared another track from it now ahead of that. Featuring arpeggiations of chimes and blasts of organ, "Lamentations II" is a blast of ethereal sunlight. You can check it out via its visualizer, part of artist Melissa Fuentes' full-length Convocations film accompaniment, below.

Stevens wrote and recorded the 49-track Convocations in the fall of 2020 in homage to the life of his father and in response to his death in September, two days after the release of The Ascension. Each volume replicates and reflects a stage of mourning as it explores "loss, isolation and anxiety."

Convocations is being released volume by volume -- Meditations was released last week -- and the whole of thing is out May 6. You can listen to Meditations below.

Meanwhile, we've got a few of Sufjan's best albums on vinyl in the BV shop. You can pick up Illinoise, Greetings from Michigan, Carrie & Lowell and Seven Swans now.

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