Suicidal Tendencies' classic 1990 album Lights...Camera...Revolution! is currently available on very limited white vinyl, exclusively in the BrooklynVegan shop. Only 333 copies were made, and they're going quick, so get yours now before they're gone.

On Lights...Camera...Revolution! -- the band's fifth album -- the ever-evolving Suicidal Tendencies introduced funk metal into their hardcore-turned-thrash sound, and the new grooves were thanks in no small part to new bassist Robert Trujillo, who went on to join Metallica in 2003 (with whom he remains today). Trujillo's basslines spiced up the already-razor-sharp sound that guitarists Rocky George and Mike Clark, drummer R.J. Herrera, and maniacal frontman Mike Muir had crafted on How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today and Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Déjà Vu, and it wasn't all funk metal. Album opener "You Can't Bring Me Down" has remained one of ST's most classic ragers and it's been opening up the pit at their shows for 30 years.

Suicidal would get even funkier, weirder, and less thrashy on the album's 1992 followup The Art of Rebellion (which came after R.J. Herrera's departure), before eventually making a return to form and going through all kinds of lineup changes in the process. There's a lot to love about ST from all throughout their career, but the Lights...Camera...Revolution! lineup is considered one of their most classic, and that record continues to feel timeless.

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