Sun Breaks, the duo of John Atkins (764-HERO, Hush Harbor) and James van Leuven (The Sub Debs, Plan B), will release their debut album, titled All on Camera, on October 26 via Suicide Squeeze. John's more traditional pop stylings and James' electronic production background make for a unique combination. Their album includes "A Wall" which was a collaboration with Seattle rapper DoNormaal. "When we were wrapping up production on the album, David suggested the idea of rounding out the record with a reimagining of 'All On Camera' with DoNormaal," says John. "Being a big fan, I was really excited and jumped at the chance to work with her. She sent her version to us and we were blown away - such heartfelt lyrics and that unmistakable DoNormaal delivery. James mixed a new version of the backing track and overlaid the new lyrics, creating 'A Wall.' I think it takes the record to a 4th dimension." Adds DoNormaal:

My process for working on "A Wall" was listening over and over to the music for the melody that I eventually came up with. So many potential melodies already exist in the music and it was all about trying to draw the perfect one out. Lyrically, I just listened to my heart and spoke about the bittersweet loneliness and confusion I often feel being a person in the world, wanting to connect, to be there for people and to know people who can be there for me, but also feeling that in some moments isolating myself from the chaos and the hardness is all I have the strength to do. I’m speaking to the irony of wanting to seek the rewards of being vulnerable and also feeling very scared and unprepared for that vulnerability.

That song premieres in this post and you can stream it, along with another song off the album, below.

There will be an All on Camera release show in Seattle on November 30 at Clock-Out Lounge.


Sun Breaks - All on Camera tracklist:
1. All On Camera
2. A Common Wave
3. Extra Heart
4. Summer of Broken Bones
5. skaerB nuS
6. Moments
7. Waiting for the World to End
8. Heart
9. A Wall
10. Mirrors

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