Jesu/Sun Kil Moon (aka Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, and Mark Kozelek) are already working on the follow-up to the collaborative album that they released eariler this year. This one is called 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth it'll be out June 1, 2017. They already shared a song called "He's Bad" back in June, which was about Michael Jackson, and now they've shared another track called "Needles Disney World." You can listen to both songs over at Mark Kozelek's website.

Kozelek and Broadrick will take Jesu/Sun Kil Moon on the road in the fall. They hit NYC for a show at Warsaw on November 10, and tickets for that show are still on sale.

Sun Kil Moon also has a solo album coming out next year. Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood hits next February.