Mark Kozelek will release new Sun Kil Moon album Welcome to Sparks, Nevada this fall via Caldo Verde. He recorded it in San Francisco at Rancho Rivera Studio and while full details are still to come, you can listen to "The Johnny Cash Trail" right now. While the song still has the diary entry feel we've come to expect from Kozelek over the last few years, this is also more song-like than his last few releases. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Mark's two connected books with actor Kevin Corrigan -- The Panther and The Honey Badger (A Correspondence) and Zhao Tao (A Correspondence) -- are out on June 24. Says filmmaker Cameron Crowe, who cast Kozelek in his semi-autobiographical 2000 film Almost Famous (and Vanilla Sky), "Following the creative path of Mark Kozelek is one of the great joys of the last several decades. From the soul-baring beauty of his songwriting and performing, to the sonic landscapes of his albums with Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon and beyond, Kozelek creates a mood of depth and feeling like no one else. Now Mark expands his horizons yet again with a mesmerizing extended correspondence with actor Kevin Corrigan. Like his best music, the layers swirl and build and suddenly you’re in a world you never want to leave. Viva Kozelek! Viva Corrigan!" You can pre-order both now and you can check out the cover art below.

In other news, Mark has rescheduled some UK and European tour dates for November and February. Those dates are listed below.

Mark's most recent album was the spoken word  All The Best, Isaac Hayes which came out earlier this spring. Stream that below.

mark kozelek and kevin corrigan - the panther

mark kozelek and kevin corrigan - Zhao Tao

Sun Kil Moon - 2020/2021 Tour Dates
NOV 1, 2020 Sun Kil Moon St Luke's Church Cork
NOV 2, 2020 Sun Kil Moon Liberty Hall Dublin
NOV 3, 2020 Sun Kil Moon Bangor Hamilton Road Methodist Church Belfast
NOV 9, 2020 Sun Kil Moon Paradiso Noord Amsterdam
NOV 10, 2020 Sun Kil Moon NTGhent Ghent
FEB 1, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Union Chapel London
FEB 2, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Union Chapel London
FEB 5, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Irish Centre Leeds
FEB 7, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Glee Club Glasgow
FEB 9, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Amager Bio Copenhagen
FEB 14, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Parkteateret Oslo
FEB 15, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Kwadrat Krakow
FEB 17, 2021 Sun Kil Moon Lido Berlin

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