When San Jose hardcore band Sunami released their great split with Gulch last year, Triple B said Sunami's songs served as a teaser for their upcoming debut LP. Still no concrete word on title or release date for that LP, but Sunami did just put out a three-song LP promo on Triple B/DAZE, and it rips. There's also a good amount of variety there. "Six" is bludgeoning, in-your-face, metallic hardcore, while the 37-second "I Don't Care" makes a clear nod towards classic black and death metal riffage, and Sunami sound as evil as can be on it. "Fake Blood" is the slowest and longest, bouncing between thrashy hardcore and doom in a way that would make South of Heaven-era Slayer proud. Listen to all three below.

Sunami have West Coast shows this month with Gridiron, a Europe tour with The Story So Far offshoot No Pressure, and they're playing Sound and Fury. Tour posters below.


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