Tempe, Arizona’s Sundressed have signed to Rude Records and their first single for the label is “Home Remedy,” which follows their 2017 debut album A Little Less Put Together. It’s a song that takes the lyrical specificities and anxieties of a band like Modern Baseball and combines that with the jangly crunch of a band like Weezer, and if that sounds like your kinda thing, you’ll probably agree that Sundressed do it very well. This one gets stuck in your head after just one or two listens.

Trevor Hedges, who began Sundressed as a solo project before transforming it into a band, says, “’Home Remedy’ is a no-brainer as the first single to me. It really feels like the best introduction to the new era of Sundressed. It’s about getting better, together, through community. Many of us don’t have health insurance or a lot of money, so we’ve had to find creative ways to solve or at least tolerate our problems. For me, Sundressed and the community we’ve built around us is my remedy.” And about signing to Rude Records, he adds, “We’re very excited to be joining Rude Records! Not only have they been supportive and kind, but they also really believe in our music as much as we do and it feels so good to have a team with that kind of enthusiasm. We cannot wait to bring our songs to so many new people!”

Listen and watch the Jesse Lobell-directed video below: