Tempe, Arizona indie-pop punks Sundresed put out a very fun record this year with Home Remedy, which we compared to Modern Baseball and Weezer, and if you like those bands and haven't checked out this record yet, you can (cough) remedy that by streaming it below.

With the year coming to a close, Trevor Hedges -- who began Sundressed as a solo project before transforming it into a band -- told us about his favorite albums of 2020, which include Phoebe Bridgers, Spanish Love Songs, Christian Lee Hutson, I'm Glad It's You, Dikembe, Retirement Party, and more. Read on for Trevor's full list and his commentary on each one...

1. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
Phoebe is a force and I think this is her best effort yet. Some of the most honest songwriting I’ve heard coupled with very cool and thoughtful production. Easily my most listened to record in 2020.

2. Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone
This band kinda came out of nowhere for me. I heard the song “Losers” and they became my favorite band. The themes in this record are insanely relatable and delivered perfectly. I love Spanish Love Songs!

3. Christian Lee Hutson - Beginners
Christian has this timeless quality to his writing that is intoxicating to me. “Northsiders” has the staying power of a Leonard Cohen song, but somehow feels fresh. Highly recommend this record.

4. Stand Atlantic - Pink Elephant
This band simply rocks. Fresh and fun pop songs with poignant lyrics and unforgettable hooks! What more could you ask for?

5. I’m Glad It’s You - Every Sun, Every Moon
I’ve been a fan of IGIY since we toured with them in 2015. This record feels like a fitting sequel to their last LP in the best way. Listen to them back to back for all sorts of cool references and trinkets!

6. Dikembe - Muck
I love bands that reinvent themselves with every release. Dikembe is one of the coolest bands I know and I’m always happy to get another record from them!

7. Young Culture - S/T
I am a sucker for a good pop/love song and Young Culture brought their A game for their debut! I love a band with a punk worth ethic that also has the ability to write radio singles if they want. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

8. All Time Low - Wake Up Sunshine
I hadn’t really listened to this band since I was a teenager, but I happened to hear a single from this new record and was blown away. There is a reason All Time Low is still gigantic and I think this record full of super fun and smart pop songs shows us all why!

9. Retirement Party - Runaway Dog
Retirement Party freaking rocks and this record is an even bigger and more badass version of their sound!

10. Bright Eyes - Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was
To be honest, I haven’t spent enough time with this record yet, but I’m so happy we get another bright eyes record. Even though Conor has continued to release music under other monikers, this record still feels like a Bright Eyes record.


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