Shoshin is the Buddhist concept of learning with a “beginner’s mind,” surrendering preconceived notions in favor of openness and radical zeal. This approach bears a natural kinship with the modus operandi of Sunn O))). They’ve explored the outer limits of what a guitar-amp-pedal rig can achieve, pushing listeners to reconsider what music can and should be. [Chicago Reader]

Long-running drone metal juggernauts Sunn O))) brought their latest tour to Pioneer Works in Brooklyn on Saturday night (12/17), one night after Lingua Ignota played the same venue. The roughly-1800 capacity venue was jam packed on the floor and in the VIP balcony, as the the band's two core, robed members Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson played in "Shoshin (初心) Duo" formation in front of a wall of amps, and behind a cloud of smoke for nearly two hours to an attentive crowd that cheered wildly when it was all over. The music is LOUD and meditative, and it wouldn't have been so bad to instead have chairs or even beds for the audience who instead stand for the duration of the show that includes no vocals, percussion, dance or mosh parts, and little melodic variety, but if Sunn O))) is your thing, this was a great sounding and amazing looking Sunn O))) show. Catch the west coast leg of the tour in January and February. Don't forget your earplugs.

Moshing did happen though, but that was during opener High Command's set. The MA fantasy thrash band was out supporting their great new album Eclipse of the Dual Moons which came out in November on Southern Lord (the legendary metal label founded and run by Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson), and though for a while the huge room full of Sunn O))) fans just stood there staring at the band who can make a small room of punk and metal fans go nuts, people did eventually take sword-wielding (yes he sometimes holds up a sword) frontman Kevin Fitzgerald's suggestion and form a little pit in front of the stage. They killed it, and I'll definitely try to see them again when they hit Saint Vitus with Fuming Mouth.

Brooklyn-based experimental composer & cellist Leila Bordreuil was a better match for Sunn fans who aren't also moshing fans, and she opened the show with a solo set to a slightly smaller, but still big and also appreciative crowd.

Check out more from the whole show, by P Squared, below...

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