Sunn O))) released not one but two new albums this year, Life Metal and Pyroclasts, and the former of those has been showing up on some publications year-end lists (like MOJO, Uncut, and The Quietus). We asked Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley what his favorite albums of the year were, and he sent an eclectic list of "11 loved albums at the end of 2019" (not all of which came out in 2019). The list covers a lot of musical ground, from Nick Cave to storied Tuareg band Tinariwen to noise/industrial artist Puce Mary to experimental electronic artist Sarah Davachi to sitarist Imrat Khan to Hildur Gudnadottir's score for Chernobyl and more. Check out O'Malley's full list below.

Sunn O))) also recently announced Europe dates for 2020, including a 'Let There Be Drone' residency in Paris. All dates are listed below.

Stephen O'Malley's "11 loved albums at the end of 2019"

Imrat Khan - Raga Marwa

Stomu Yamash’ta - Peace and Love

Nick Cave - Ghosteen

Deathprod - Occulting Disk

Hildur Gudnadottir - Chernobyl OST

Puce Mary - The Drought

Catherine Christer Hennix - Selections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku

Laurie Spiegel - Unseen Worlds

Henning Christiansen - OP.50 Requiem of Art (Aus - Celtic) FLUXORUM ORGANUM II

Tinariwen - Amadjar

Sarah Davachi - Pale Bloom


Sunn O))) -- 2020 Tour Dates
1/24/2020 Orion - Rome, IT
1/25/2020 TPO - Bologna, IT
1/26/2020 Live Club - Trezzo d'Adda, IT
1/29/2020 De Kreun - Kortrijk, BE
1/30/2020 Kulturfabrik - Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU

La Gaîté Lyrique presents:
SUNN O))) - Let There Be Drone
One Residence, Two Concepts, Three Concerts
1/31/2020 La Gaité Lyrique - Paris, FR
2/01/2020 La Gaité Lyrique - Paris, FR
2/02/2020 La Gaité Lyrique - Paris, FR *duo/Shoshin performance

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