Sunny Day Real Estate drummer William Goldsmith has written more about the fifth SDRE album that he initially wrote “remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl‘s sock drawer.” In his new Facebook post he's clarified his previous statement, and responded to Nate Mendel's statement that “There is no truth to this story.” Read:

For clarification purposes - Dave’s sock drawer was meant to figuratively represent studio 606. To clarify - there are many ingredients that resulted in the abandonment of LP5. Ingredients that I had to put together myself and find out later on. One of the unfortunate elements being that Jeremy did not receive the moral support as well as engineering that he deserved and I hold myself accountable just as much as everyone else involved for that mistake. The reference to Dave’s sock drawer meant studio 606 which was where it was essentially left. If I come across as being a little bit outraged it’s simply because I’ve had the unfortunate experience of hard work being disregarded with no communication or explanation as to why. Trust me it would eat at you as well. I doubt many of these issues would become issues at all if there was a bit more communication as opposed to none at all. Anyone who claims that there is no unfinished Sunny day record collecting dust I would have to agree to disagree. But that’s my opinion about it - I heard it objectively and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I know that Jeremy is gonna be upset with me for speaking out about this again but when I hear those tracks through the ears of people who I respect i.e. Justin Tamminga and my wife Channeary and I see them feeling as devastated as I do over this whole thing it’s hard to stay quiet. Compound that with it being an important part of me that refused to be realized as what will be left for my children to ponder and you have something equivalent to heart break. So no I was not meaning to claim Dave single handedly prevented the record from being finished. He just owns the place where it was abandoned. However he wasn’t too thrilled when Nate played with the fire theft so I doubt he thought about making it so Nate had the time to see it through. But it’s misunderstandings like this that arise because people don’t communicate. At least not with me with the exception of Jeremy. Dave and I should have hashed this shit out through honest human interaction a decade and a half ago. And Nate - the last time I talked to you was when you guys said to be by the phone the next day to have a conference call about finishing LP5. The phone never rang and I haven’t heard from you since then which was 2011 if memory serves. Granted I went into deep solitude after that but where else are you going to go after constantly being disregarded like an old shirt.

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