Sunny Day Real Estate finally released their first new music since 2000 on a split with Circa Survive in 2014, but we haven't heard from them since. (Frontman Jeremy Engik did release a seriously great solo album last year though.) Drummer William Goldsmith, who also used to be in the Foo Fighters (who still count SDRE's Nate Mendel as a member), now says that there is indeed a new Sunny Day Real Estate album, but that it "remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl's sock drawer." He also shared some instrumental clips of new music, which do sound really, really promising. Here's his full statement, posted to Facebook:

Recently by way of objective ears I have been reminded of the fact that the greatest Sunny Day Real Estate record ever made remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohls sock drawer. It’s both a shocking slap of reality and a swift kick in the balls. Gets harder to handle each time. Somehow someday - something has to be done. The tragedy of it is literally manifesting into physical pain. It honestly feels like someone has taken a part of me as a human being and locked it in a closet. My wife looked at me this evening and said “I am starting to understand what’s been haunting you for the past 6 years because it’s starting to haunt me as well.” This is not the first time I’ve had my voice taken from me. But now This music hasn’t just been taken away from me anymore - now it’s been taken away from my children. Unforgivable.

Info on how exactly Dave Grohl is involved isn't entirely clear, but Goldsmith has had a messy history with Grohl for a while now.

UPDATE: former SDRE bassist and current Foo Fighter Nate Mendel says “There is no truth to this story."

UPDATE 2 William Goldsmith has clarified his original statement, but still says, "anyone who claims that there is no unfinished Sunny day record collecting dust I would have to agree to disagree."

Listen to the clips below: