Last week, Sunny Day Real Estate launched a new Instagram with the handle @sdretour and drummer William Goldsmith posted a now-deleted video of himself practicing SDRE's "Roses In Water," sparking speculation that the band would be reuniting for a tour. "People familiar with the situation" now confirm to SPIN that the band will be going on their first tour in 12 years this spring, and the lineup will include vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, guitarist Dan Hoerner and drummer William Goldsmith with "as-yet-unnamed additional musicians," but original bassist Nate Mendel (also currently of the Foo Fighters) will not be part of the reunion. (Not the first time Nate sat out a SDRE reunion - he sat out during the How It Feels to Be Something On / The Rising Tide era to focus on the Foo Fighters.)

SPIN also adds, "No additional details were available and group members were unavailable for comment," so this is all still kind of speculative, but sounds promising and hopefully we'll know more soon!

SDRE last toured in 2009-2010 and last released music on a 2014 split with Circa Survive. In 2018, drummer William Goldsmith broke rumors of a fifth SDRE album that "remains silenced, abandoned and buried within the murkiest depths of David Grohl‘s sock drawer," which Nate Mendel shot down.

Jeremy Enigk is also opening three dates of Thursday's tour. He was initially scheduled to perform on the entire tour, but had to drop off most dates.

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