The NY Times has an interesting article chronicling the history of Sunny's Bar, and how it needs saving once again...

“Anything that has to do with family, it’s heartaching, heartbreaking,” Ms. Johansen said.

Sunny Balzano died last March, but the dispute over the property began years earlier. After the death of a grandfather, the family did not divide the estate. Most of the 18 descendants who own the property, on Conover Street, have wanted to sell it since the 2012 storm. But Ms. Johansen and Sunny refused, along with two Balzano sisters and a brother. Together, they held about 20 percent of the shares.

After the storm, Sunny and Ms. Johansen had camped out in their building, which had no electricity for months.

Current status: "Last week, after three years in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Ms. Johansen signed a contract to buy the property for $2.6 million. She has six months to raise the money and has started meeting with banks."

Sunny's recently made headlines thanks to Lady Gaga filming a promo there. Upcoming shows at Sunny's include Marc Ribot on February 9 & 23. Sunny's doesn't charge a cover, but "tipping is appreciated."

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