NJ's Sunrot have announced their sophomore album, The Unfailing Rope, due April 7 via Prosthetic Records (pre-order). Bassist Ross Bradley says, "The Unfailing Rope is a document of grief and hope to reflect our current moment. This record was created while we firsthand experienced our city come to a reckoning with its people. Our planet being irreparably eroded, our communities being killed. But also a time where more people than ever are ready to fight back. A time where the most pain has also birthed the most righteous anger and action. The Unfailing Rope is the mantra of light and the path to death."

The first single is "Gutter," six-and-a-half minutes of ten-ton sludge riffs, harsh, blackened shrieks, and guest vocals from Thou members Bryan Funck and Emily McWilliams (also of Silver Godling) that makes for a punishing, promising taste. Ross adds that it's "a track full of grief and hope."

"Ecological genocide, like the proposed 'cop city' destroying Atlanta forests, is more and more commonplace," he continues. "The insatiable maw of colonialism and capitalism is driven toward ending life on earth for profit and will not stop unless we stop it. We believe that the land belongs to its indigenous keepers and must be ceded back to their stewardship. Gutter is a plea for action and an expression of hope that a better world is possible, and maybe not even just possible, but inevitable, if that's what we choose."

Listen and watch the video (shot and edited by Nicolle Maroulis of Hit Like A Gir) below. The album was recorded by Scot Moriarty, mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna, and also features Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer.

Sunrot are also playing Subterranean Dissonance Fest in Philly on February 11 and playing the Black Metal Rainbows book release party at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on February 12 with Imperial Triumphant, Couch Slut, Diva Karr, and Greyfleshtethered.


1. Descent
2. Trepanation
3. Gutter
4. The One You Feed
5. The Cull
6. Patricide
7. Tower of Silence
8. Love

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