Sun's Signature, the duo of Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser and Massive Attack drummer Damon Reese, will release their debut EP next month, and they've just shared a second song from it. "Underwater" is a mood-builder, all baroque, harpsichord-laden tranquility making for a lovely bed for Fraser's angelic voice, before zooming out into widescreen cinema with Bond-theme scope.

"Underwater" also comes with something unexpected: a lyric video. In her days with Cocteau Twins, Fraser was known for often indiscernible lyrics, creating her own language of syllable jumbles that was more about sound, feel and emotion than what she was singing. Her lyrics became more intelligible as the band went on, but they never included a lyric sheet in their albums. So you can pull back the curtain here or just listen and bliss out on the sound of her voice. Check it out below.

Some Cocteau Twins fans will know that "Underwater" was first released in 2000 as an ultra-limited edition Fraser solo single with only 200 copies ever pressed. Even more sought-after was the "Grayed Out" trance remix that was only given out as an acetate to a few DJs. That remix was uploaded to YouTube, of course, and you can listen below.

You can pick up Cocteau Twins' Garlands and Heaven or Las Vegas on vinyl in the BV shop.

The Sun's Signature EP is out June 18, which is the second Record Store Day "drop" of 2022, and will then be released digitally in July.


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