Sunset Rubdown I've been privately wondering why the combination of Sunset Rubdown and Frog Eyes didn't sell out Mercury Lounge yet. I thought maybe it had to do with tickets going on sale three months before the show date, but it was still hard to believe that even a Pitchfork buzzed Wolf Parade side project on a bill with former champions wasn't enough to move an estimated 200 tickets, and that news of a collaboration between the vocalists of both bands and Destroyer didn't help either. I also thought their schedule wouldn't allow the chance for a second show to be added. I was wrong, and I guess the first show (May 24) is almost sold out because now there's a second one(May 22).

"...The brain child of one-time Frog Eye/current Wolf Parader Spencer Krug, Sunset Rubdown is a more lo-fi, more fragile project than what he as otherwise been used to. Whereas his participation with Frog Eyes came across as music for circus freaks, and his work with Wolf Parade was an attempt to make this circus more ‘indie friendly,’ here Krug focuses more on writing an opus for the insane. The results are both intriguing and exciting...." [Stylus]

Updated SR/FE tour dates below....

Sun, 5/1 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo w/ Okay(AA)
Mon, 5/2 - San Francisco, CA @ The Bottom of the Hill w/ Okay (21+)
Fri, 5/6 - Victoria, BC @ Logan's w/ Frog Eyes (AA)
Sat, 5/7 - Vancouver, BC @ Richards w/ Frog Eyes (19+)
Tues, 5/9 - Calgary, AB @ Broken City (21+)
Wed, 5/10 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room w/ Frog Eyes (18+)
Fri, 5/12 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Collective Cabaret w/ Frog Eyes (18+)
Sat, 5/13 - Fargo, ND @ VFW w/ Frog Eyes (21+)
Sun, 5/14 - Mount Vernon, IA @ The Orange Carpet in the Commons Building w/ Frog Eyes (AA)
Wed, 5/17 - Northfield, MN @ The Cave, Carlton Campus
Thurs, 5/18 - Chicago, IL @ Schuba's Tavern w/ Frog Eyes (21+)
Fri, 5/19 - Toronto, BC @ The Opera House w/ Frog Eyes (19+)
Sat, 5/20 - Montreal, QC @ El Salon w/ Frog Eyes (AA)
Wed, 5/22 - New York, NY @ the Mercury Lounge w/ Frog Eyes (21+)
Tues, 5/23 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Frog Eyes (AA)
Wed, 5/24 - New York, NY @ the Mercury Lounge w/ Frog Eyes (21+)
Thurs, 5/25 - Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bears w/ Frog Eyes (18+)
Fri, 5/26 - Hanover, NH @ Fuel Rocket Club w/ Frog Eyes (AA)

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